Friday, September 2, 2011

Things I Know: My Book Will Not Write Itself

Some days I sit at my desk day dreaming about JK Rowling and waste time not writing my book and think to myself 'Well done JK.  You've accomplished your goal, you've touched so many lives and you've made it happen for yourself.  You are my hero!'

Other days I sit at my desk day dreaming about JK Rowling and waste time not writing my book  and think to myself 'Well, if I had the chance to sit around on my ass all day in a coffee shop and write my book while living on the dole Im pretty sure I could finish my book too!'

But what I do know deep down inside when I really analyse the situation and waste time not writing my book  is that the only person who can write this book is me.  The book will not write itself.  Not one more word of the book will be written unless I sit down and write it.

I know that I have been writing this book for 3 years.  
I know that I am 65,000 words in and 3/4 of the way there.
I know that I go to bed every night with the characters voices in my head.

I know that this story is an awesome story about people and places and events that really happened and not just another vampire or fantasy clone.

I know that every second I spend blogging, volunteering at Scouts, singing in the choir and making costumes for Book Week is one more second I am wasting time not writing my book.

I know that I care about the muse for this book almost as much as I care about my own children and if I waste time not writing my book never get around to finishing it, I will feel as if I have let my muse down.

I know that if I waste time not writing my book never finish what I started, it will just be another thing I started without finishing and I will regret it until the day I die.

I know that I am not in a position/am too scared to quit my full time job and spend 6 hours a day writing my book.

I know that lots of people with full time jobs have not wasted time not writing their books and have completed novels to prove it.

So, if I know all these things, why the hell am I not writing this book!

Advice, encouragement and offers of writing retreats all gratefully accepted :)

Im joining Shae at Yay for Home! for Things I Know and wasting time not writing my book!


  1. LOL, you will get there! I'm trying to ignore the fanatsy clone remark, but just want to say, not all fantasy is cloned, some is based on real events as well, ha! Writing is not for the faint hearted, that's for sure! It's obsession, guilt and inspiration all rolled into one! If you've been writing for three years, you're dedicated enough to get there! (of course, then you have to get a contract, mwahahaha, but that's a trial for another time!)

  2. I would like to sit around all day in a coffee shop and write a book.
    I really hope you finish. The title alone has captured my interest.

  3. I agree Sif....not all fantasy is cloned. You know how these things go....someone writes a great book and then 50,000 other writers decide to write the same thing. Not much originality out there these days.

  4. I hope you do finish the book! If you don't (but I'm sure you will) you could go into the kids costume business - I want that Stormtrooper outfit so badly!!!

  5. Duct tape and $2.50 cricket pants from the Op Shop that I cut the legs off. The helmet was a Xmas present from two Xmas's ago - its very cool and has a microphone inside that makes your voice go all electronic and storm troopery hahaha

  6. ugh I have the same problem as you... but you'll make it =)

  7. yes well, my friend encouragingly tells me that 'the only thing that makes a writer is the writing'.
    i feel your pain sista and send cyber encouragement down the net.
    xxps those costumes rock - love the duct tape.

  8. I waste far too much time too doing nothing as important as you Eloise. I am intrigued by your book too, so get back to it will you.
    I can't wait for my boys to join joeys , scouts like my eldest did,
    Your costumes are awesome !

  9. You've done well to make it this far. For me the hardest thing is to start. And if you are 3/4 through then you'll have to finish it, otherwise it would feel like such a waste.

  10. Time and excuses. That's what I end up with. So many things that I should do first before I write. But really all I want to do is write. It's hard. I have no advice, just support xx

  11. I am a champion procrastinator. I will come up with 3000 useless things to do instead of my work.
    3/4 through? Amazing. You can do it :)

  12. Should you be writing the book right now instead of reading comments?? lol


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