Monday, September 19, 2011

Shit Happens

Last week officially sucked balls.

Big horrible hairy balls.

It went a little something like this..........

1. My 8 year old son was suspended from school for a week due to continual bad behaviour, including trashing his classroom and having a meltdown so severe he had to be locked in a room.

2. My 8 year marriage is officially over - after a long and painful slow death - and the Rock God has moved out.  We are both dealing with this okay, but its not easy or pleasant, and I feel like I have failed miserably, AGAIN.  Basically, I really suck at relationships.

3. And finally, my mother called me on the weekend and after we briefly talked about the aforementioned No's 1 & 2, she then politely asked me to not visit her in October (she lives interstate and this trip has been planned and talked about for at least a year) because 12 years ago I left the religion I was brainwashed in I grew up in and was "disfellowshipped" from the church.  Apparently she has had a pang of conscience in the last week (after 12 years I might add) that means I am no longer acceptable in her home.

Yep, its been a horrible week and I have cried more than a bucket of tears over the horribleness of it all.

I am perplexed and worried by (1).

I am dealing with (2) and trying to let time pass because I know, in a while, things will be better and I will have more peace in my life

And (3).  Well what can you say about 3?  Other than...FUCK RELIGION.   FFFFFFFFFFFFUCK IT.
On the upside, unless the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite [UARS for short, which actually sounds like You Ass if you say it slowly) falls to earth in a tremendous death spiral and lands directly on top of my house, it probably can't get much worse (yes, I do realise there is a remote possibility this could actually happen in the next couple of weeks or so.  If I was you I would not buy the place next door....just incase).

So if it can't get much worse, than it can only start to get better.

I hope so.  I'm nearly 40 and its about time something went right, or smooth, just for a year or so, see Im not even that greedy....

This post is purely for a vent, you don't have to say anything but if you do decide to say something and it has ANYTHING to do with Jesus loving me I will probably hunt you down and stab you in the eye with a fork.  Just sayin'.


  1. Wow promise not to say anything about Jesus, the Devil or any other religious matter. That week for you really does suck big hairy balls, REALLY HUGE hairy balls.

    Take care and think of yourself in the process. I know you mentioned this post was a vent only but just wanted to let you know there are people reading and people listening and anytime you need to vent there is always someone there.

  2. Thanks Lady Koukou....I feel better for having vented. When shit happens, sometimes you just have to let the shit out.....ewwwww, that's almost as gross as the huge hairy balls :) Thank you for listening xxx

  3. Elosie I can't even imagine what your going through but I'm sending you lots of love and positive thoughts. If I can do anything, drop me a line anytime.

    The fact that you can share such personal choices on here shows that you know deep down that they are the right ones. You are making some extremely hard and brave decisions which you know ultimately will be better for you and your family. Think that it can only get better from here. This will be the start of a new and fantastic adventure. I am in awe of your strength. You are a brilliant, sexy, intelligent, and lovely woman- never forget it. Much love.

  4. A truly crap week, no wonder you needed to vent!

    Anytime you feel the need again then feel free. Sometimes just knowing someone hears you makes all the difference, well, we hear you.

    Take care x

  5. I doubt I can say anything to make you feel better, cause I am really useless with knowing what to say in situations like this, but just know it's okay to vent. And take care of YOU xx

  6. I don't think I could imagine a shittier week - glad you have a space to vent. I think what sucks hardest is your mum's decision - I will never understand how people can separate themselves from family under the guise of a religious belief. I hope you've got some people around you to hold you tight. I'm thinking of you and happy to listen any time you need to vent. x

  7. Good-golly-gosh. What a bad week. Crappity-crappity-crap-crap in fact.

    So glad you vented. It makes us all aware of our humanity. And helps those of us who read you to know where you are coming from better.

    I am sending virtual hugs and a HUGE virtual box of chocolates and some virtual roses too....

    Also sending some real positive vibes and happy thoughts too.


  8. Oh Eloise I am sorry to hear about all three- one of them alone would do anybody's head in.
    I hope you find a resolution to #1, peace and strength to deal with #2 and #3 sound so awful I don't where you would start.
    A vent helps but not practically. I really hope you have a support network.

  9. Eloise! I'm sorry it took me so long to get here. I am so sorry things are rough (understatement I know). Fuck any religion that suggests that it is more important than being with your family at such a sad time, and fuck anyone who decides that your membership in a religion is more important than your membership in their heart. I'm guessing the 8yo is just reacting to all the emotions or tension in the house maybe? I'm not saying you're a raving lunatic or anything, just that maybe he was sensing that you and the Rock God weren't happy? I really hope you get some peace soon. So much love and thoughts going out to you right now xx

  10. Well done, you've made your misery entertaining for us plebs sitting in cyber space! If you can turn misery into humour you're definitely on the right writing track!

    I think I understand what you're saying about religion? You weren't very clear though :) You do realise that you've just lost the American market?!

  11. Lol, doesn't matter Greg, I think I would have pissed them off in the end anyway with my mutterings about Iraq and Afghanistan :)

  12. What a sucky time indeed. Sorry to hear all of these events have come about at once. Agree with PinkPatentMaryJanes, it sounds like the hardest one to comprehend is the deal with your mother. I think you should totally be right up there in the queue for some good stuff to happen next. And you will come out of this stage stronger than ever!


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