Sunday, September 11, 2011

Things I Know: About My Hairdresser

Im joining Things I Know with YayforHome today.

Having moved from Perth to Melbourne last year, one of the things I needed to find upon my arrival was a new hairdresser.  The first one I tried was far too expensive ($240 for a cut and colour, WTF???).  After that experience it was a while before I decided to try someone else.  Finally, about 2 months ago, I was game enough to step foot inside another hairdressers and there I met the delightful Miss "G".

Miss G is about to turn 21, is absolutely gorgeous, has long blonde perfectly styled hair that would not budge during a tornado and a penchant for wearing leatherette leggings with bits cut out (and other meshy type bits replacing the cut out bits).

These are some things I know about Miss G:
  • Miss G did not eat takeaway until she was 11.
  • Miss G doesn't eat red meat.
  • Miss G LOVES kids (hahahaha, yeh thats what all childless young women say until they have them!)
  • Miss G buys expensive (and from her description, slightly impractical) presents for her godson
  • Miss G is still friends with all her old boyfriends
  • Miss G suspects one of her best friends will end up as a cat lady
  • Miss G lives with her mother and younger brother.  Her mum and dad divorced when she was young, her mum married again and had another child and then that marriage ended as well.
  • Miss G's car is a piece of crap
  • Miss G almost severed her finger in her own front door
  • Miss G is useless on computers
    • Miss G also works at a night club in the city as a door bitch
      • Miss G gives a fake number to guys who ask for her phone number
      • Miss G gets Mondays off which is awesome because the shops aren't busy
      • Miss G orders a soy chai latte from McDonalds every single day
      • Miss G has never been to IKEA
      • Miss G didn't get her period - or her boobs - until she was 16
      • Miss G is saving up for an overseas holiday so has to put up with the 'piece of crap' car for now
        • Miss G thought about applying for 'Farmer Wants A Wife'
        • Miss G thinks Beyonce's baby bump is fake
        • Miss G's best friend is also a hairdresser
        • Miss G has dyed her hair almost every colour, including pink
        Other things I know about Miss G (after 2 appointments) are -
        • Miss G makes really good coffee
        • Miss G could talk the ears off a brass monkey.  She literally does NOT.STOP.TALKING.

        and finally -
        • when Miss G says she will only take this much off *fingers 1cm apart*, Miss G only cuts that much off, therefore Miss G will be my hairdresser for life!

        What are some things you know about your hairdresser?  Could she talk the leg off a wooden chair or is she the smiling but silent type?


        1. Miss G sounds like a real find! Great post xxx

        2. Hehehe, I can't stop giggling. She sounds like a classic! My hairdresser also talks non-stop and while I would love someone who left me to read in peace she only costs $73 for a cut and full head of blonde tips so I put up with it.

        3. I think women have it tough with the hair routine. I don't know my hairdresser as I get a little edgy if he takes more than 10 minutes cutting. I do like the 'wash and wear' approach to my haircut...

          Miss G gives a false number to blokes? Mm...I've fallen for that one before :)

        4. Lol- love it! My hairdresser has just left on maternity leave so am now in the unenviable position of trying to find a new one- which, in a small town is a hard task! Glad you've got a good one though :)

        5. Oooh my god, this post was hilarious!!!! Clicking over from TIK :) My SIL is my hairdresser, she is gonna have to lift her game hahahaha

        6. She sounds great. I wish I lived near you!


        Thanks for commenting, I appreciate you taking the time xxx

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