Monday, September 12, 2011

Pinterest Party: Vintage Jewellery

I'm joining the Pinterest Party at Down That Little Lane

I love blingy things, especially vintage blingy things and can't walk past anything with diamantes without going into a sparkle meltdown.  My sisters often laugh at this obsession of mine but they are just so prettayyyyy!

These are some of my pins from my 'Just Because You're Beautiful' board on Pinterest.

Some of the jewellery is from Kay Adams.  Some of the other jewellery is from Andrea Singeralla, although I don't think she is making jewellery anymore which makes me want to cry!


  1. Oh that cuff is to die for!..who is that by? xx

  2. I have no idea ... the Pinterest link to the website for that picture is broken :(

  3. OMG I am in love with every piece you have blogged about! I especially want that vintage tiara - just to make me a little glam to go about my housework :-)

  4. Lady Koukou, what an excellent idea! Some bantam feather mules and I will be perfectly attired for ignoring my housework like I normally do :)

  5. ohhh i love anything blingy....must have that cuff and that last necklace xx

  6. I love love love that first necklace. So beautiful!!


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