Friday, September 23, 2011

Polly Dolly: Polka Dots

I'm linking up with Danimezza for this week's Polly Dolly Polyvore challenge!

This week's inspiration is POLKA DOTS....

Polly's taking a walk in the country in a cute Emily & Fin vintage style dress, polka dot wellingtons and DKNY's 'Red Delicious' perfume because it smells just like apples!  (I have the green one too).

Rubber shoes
£30 -

Clutch bag
£20 -

Wide brim hat
$27 -

Hair clip accessory
$9.99 -


  1. Oh! So cute!!! I'm loving the red polka dots. :)

  2. i really love this set! so adorable.

    found you through aquariann's autumn blog hop :)


  3. Oh my lordy that is just to much cuteness on one page!!! I love it


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