Monday, September 5, 2011

Pinterest Party: In the words of Coldplay - its all Yellow...

I'm joining the Pinterest Party at Down That Little Lane.

Spring is here, hooray hoorah!  Its time to de-winter our homes and what better way to bring spring into your house than with a dash of yellow!  Not many of us are brave enough to decorate with yellow but here are some easy ways you can add some sunshine to your nest.

These are some of my pins from my 'I can dream can't I?' board on Pinterest.


  1. Fabulous images. Made the day even sunnier here. I haven't ventured into Pinterest. Should I? I am afraid it would add another level to my online addiction? x

  2. Yes, its addictive! and No, its addictive! I am a night owl so most of my pinning is done way after midnight :)

  3. That wallpaper and those shabby doors are so me.. The lemon tree is now on my I must have it , thanks for sharing xx

  4. noice. i could lose my life on pinterest. i visited once but can't ever again!!! xx

  5. I have had to limit myself Naomi :) when I first got on there, I was up until 4am!!!!

  6. I love that front door. Also must have a lemon tree or two!


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