Sunday, December 4, 2011

Polly Dolly: Navy Stripes

I'm linking up with Danimezza for this week's Polly Dolly Polyvore challenge!

This week's inspiration is NAVY STRIPES...

Today Polly Dolly is admiring the view at the Henley on Thames Regatta (and I'm not talking about the scenery...).  She's dressed for the occasion in a navy striped blazer, white linen pants and red accessories.   You can find her cheering for her crew with a champagne in one hand and waving a cheeky 'God Save McQueen' silk scarf in the other.  There's something very fishy about those cufflinks!

You can find out exactly what Polly's wearing here.Polly Dolly: Navy Stripes


Hello my dear bloggy followers.  You've probably noticed I haven't been posting very much recently.  I'm struggling a little with the demands of single motherhood, the emotional rollercoaster of a relationship breakdown and all the every day stuff (work, finances, commitments, etc.) I don't want to give up the blog but at the moment its a struggle to post anything that requires major brain thought.  So please bear with me while I'm trying to pull myself together :)

Love, Eloise
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