Friday, August 5, 2011

Blog Love XOXO

Love XOXO by Pink Sherbet Photography
Love XOXO, a photo by Pink Sherbet Photography on Flickr.
Well its been just over a week since I wrote my very first blog post and I have enjoyed every second of it. Am very grateful for my friends (old & new) who are following me and for all the positive comments I have received here and on my facebook page. Its exciting and heartwarming to have joined the blogging community here in Oz. So many funny, talented and caring bloggers out there! A huge big thanks to Kate from Kate Says Stuff who has been my blogging inspiration (even if she didn't know it!) and who has encouraged me to get out there. And my greatest joy of all has been finding that every sentence I write is taking me one step further away from a horrible 2 year writing block, woohoo! go me!


  1. only a week!!! well I'm loving your blog!! :)

  2. the feelings mutual you gorgeous fashionista you!

  3. Wow! Just a week eh? Welcome to the blogosphere!!! LOL! It is pretty awesome. Cant wait to see more from your blog!

  4. So glad you're enjoying blogging!
    It's such a great release isn't it?
    I'm following your blog now so I'm looking forward to future posts!

  5. Thankyou E <3 I love love love that you are blogging!! When this crazy week (another one lol) is over lets seriously make a date to catch up yes? xox

  6. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments, I am loving reading about everyone's lives and passions and vents lol - I'm glad to know that I'm not the only mum out there driven to despair half the time hahaha. Kate, will definitely catch up for coffee!

  7. Congrats on starting your block Eloise, love it. It's addictive, I love it. I don't actually think I could live without my blog now.
    You have a gorgeous family too, four boys wow, you must be very busy.
    Enjoy yourself, bloggers here in oz are lovely aren't they!

  8. @Miss Mandythanks chicky! I am having so much fun writing AND reading all these new blogs I hadn't discovered for. Ive cried when reading some posts, Ive laughed, I've nodded my head and said 'amen sister, I soooo know what you mean'. Its such a great community. Yep my 4 boys keep me pretty busy but it really is getting a lot easier now that they are all past the nappy stage. Most days I feel so blessed, but some days I just want to run away and hide hahaha


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