Friday, August 12, 2011

30 for 30 Fashion Challenge - Day 5

Day 5 - International Woman of Mystery
Black t-shirt $14.00 from Target

(Target have 20% off women's clothing from August 11th to 17th)
Black stretch jeans $39.95 from Suzanne Grae 
(with 20% off  if you spend $80 -this deal is available now!)
Trenchcoat $29.95 from Giordano
(Reduced from $59.95 - all winter coats currently half price!)
Black sequin scarf $19.95 from Harris Scarfe
(Reduced from $39.95, woohoo!)
Charlie Brown black studded bag $69.95 from Myer 
(I've had this for 2 years)
Black boots with buckles $39.95 from Spendless Shoes
(current season)


  1. Oh what a rocking outfit! It's very mysterious, you look like you should be up to no good, or holding confidential files in a briefcase.

  2. thanks guys! I was going for the spy look, I just hope I don't look like the little fat mole guy from Danger Mouse hahaha


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