Tuesday, August 9, 2011

30 for 30 Fashion Challenge - Day 1

So, last week I donned my safari hat and went on an epic adventure into my walk-in-robe.  There was a good chance I would never be seen again only to be discovered in 3 months time buried under a pile of bohemian maxi dresses and assorted gym gear (extremely squeaky clean, almost brand new gym gear that will probably never see the light of day in a gym).

However, I made it out alive and 5 garbage bags later ended up with a my own capsule wardrobe of about 50 items.  You can read all about my massive Wardrobe Cull here.

The problem is, I am endeavouring to adopt a "less is more" approach to my life, and I really don't think a "50 item wardrobe" is that minimal.  Its a start, but it could be better.

So, I have decided to embark on the "30 for 30" Fashion Challenge.

"30 for 30" was started by Kendi Lea from Kendi Everyday and has become an internet sensation with thousands of women all over the world trying it out.

Basically, the premise is very simple -

Take 30 items from your wardrobe and create 30 different outfits for 30 days.  

Pretty easy huh, but remember those 30 items have to do you for work, weekends and going out (just pray you don't have a wedding in that month!)  And this doesn't mean you can wear the same items every week for 30 days - its 30 completely different outfits.  The only extra things allowed are your accessories, work uniform (if you have to wear one) and gym gear.

The other part of the challenge is to not buy any clothing in the next 30 days.  I know that in some strange parallel universe there live people who don't like clothes shopping but I love it so this part of the challenge will require a super human effort from me.

Why am I doing the 30 for 30 Challenge?

I'm hoping the 30 for 30 Challenge will force me to make better use of the clothes I own, to be more inventive with what I have and to make me think twice about buying any more clothes than I really need.  It will be a good thing if I can whittle my 50 items down to 30 permanently.  Who knows, after that I may even be able to tackle '15 for 30' - gulp!

If you are up for the 30 for 30 Challenge, let me know, it would be great to have someone to act as my sponsor for Shoppers Anonymous to compare outfits with.

My 30 Items

Okay, so here are the 30 items that I picked out of my wardrobe to use for the challenge.  I have to admit that there are actually a couple of items here that weren't in the 50 items from my wardrobe last week. I bought a few things on the weekend *oh dear, this does not bode well for my NO SHOPPING part of the challenge*. However,  I did ditch a couple of items that were on my 50 list and replaced them with these.  You can click here to view a bigger picture at Polyvore.
A quick note....

I should point out in advance that I am not some kind of fashion-forward style guru.....I am a busy mum with 4 kids and I work full time from home so comfy and practical is the go.  It also means I can get away with wearing leggings and jeans for work.  I am definitely on the plumpish side of 'festively plump' (size 18) so don't expect any catwalk model poses - no laughing out loud please (sly grins allowed hahaha).

Having a large family means my budget is pretty tight so I tend to buy my clothes from chain stores and almost everything I buy is on sale.  I will try to put the brand and price of everything I wear in each post.

Okay, so let's see how I went with Day 1 - French Country Chic
Denim stretch jeans $39.95 from Suzanne Grae 
(with 20% off  if you spend $80 -this deal is available now!)
White stretch long t-shirt $12 from Target 
(Target have 20% off women's clothing from August 11th to 17th)
Red cardigan $20 from Giordano 
(was originally $50, reduced to 2 for $40 -
this deal and some other great sales are still available and their online shop is great!)
Floral cotton scarf $12 from Lincraft
Red patent ballet flats $9.75 from Big W
(lots of other cute styles and colours available and all less than $15)


  1. love how the scarf creates a color block look to this ensemble

  2. I am so looking forward to seeing your 30 day challenge! I am one of those girls with a closet full of clothes, claiming I never have anything to wear...perhaps I should try this! Thanks for following my blog, Im following back!!!

  3. @Anonymous thanks Cilla, I should have taken a close up of the scarf as it is so cute, has little red berries all over it too!

  4. Wow - COOL idea - and I am WAY into COOL! Can I start this too? I am wearing a pretty cool outfit today... Could I just do a catch up and do two posts tomorrow? I need a new level of ZING-A-LING for my blog?

    You can check out if I am cool enough at:

  5. Go for it B! The more the merrier - it will be fun to have someone else's pictures to look at. There will probably be days when I run out of time to upload pics and have to do a couple in a row. Am checking out your blog right now :)

  6. Gorgeous Day 1 outfit! I need some serious wardrobe help and will be watching your 30 day Fashion Challenge xo

  7. @Moodi Mummathank you! today Im going for Parisian/spy chic although I suspect I look more like Inspector Gadget than Angelia Jolie hahaha photos will be uploaded this arvo :)

  8. Wow! What a great outfit. I love that you have included the 'wheres' and 'how muches'. Might have to dash down to Big W for those cute shoes. An entire outfit for under $100 bucks gets my tick of approval, can't wait to see what is up next!

  9. i love this idea! i am in desperate need of a style make over :) especially love your scarf.
    thanks for the comment on my blog and follow love. :) rachel

  10. thanks for dropping in to say hi Skyelee and Rachel xx Im having fun with the 30 for 30 challenge so far - I don't know if I will find it quite as much fun at day 27!


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