Wednesday, August 17, 2011

30 for 30 Fashion Challenge - Day 10

Day 10 - Channelling Chanel
White tshirt $12 from Target
(on sale, normally $16)

Black wool mini $19 from Country Road
(was originally $149 - what a bargain!
bought from Country Road Outlet at DFO)
Black blazer with contrast stitching from Barkins 
(Jacket and matching skirt was $60 from Barkins outlet at DFO)
Black boots with buckles $39.95 from Spendless Shoes
(current season)
Pearl jewellery ~ $12 from Big W
(in stock now)
Black opaque tights


  1. ooooh! I love that blazer! I need a cool, smart blazer like that. And that country road bargain ROCKS!!!!

  2. I love the inspiration.. I am a new follower so I need to read back about your challenge because it sounds sooo cool..
    Very Nice Chanel ensemble!!

  3. @wait until the sunset How lucky was I with that skirt???? $19, its practically shoplifting!!!! Although it just goes to show the markup they make - $149 reduced to $19? No wonder the retail industry is having a meltdown.

  4. @Destination SuzHi Suz, thank you for following me xxx I have 20 days left to go in my challenge so 20 more outfits to come up with. You should give it a try!

  5. LOVE IT!! So elegant and chic...woot!!!!!!

  6. This is my favorite outfit out of the 30 days. What a fun challenge!


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