Monday, October 10, 2011

Mr Invisible lives here.....

I've had an unwelcome visitor at my house for the last few years.....I'm not sure when he moved in exactly but it was around the same time my children started to talk, coincidentally enough.

This visitor seems to take an exorbitant pleasure in pissing me off and generally doing things that are guaranteed to annoy me.  I've decided to call him Mr Invisible because so far he has managed to evade me every time he's been up to no good.  He's like the can't see him, but you see what he does.

Here are just a few of the things Mr Invisible has done lately -

Me (after treading on extremely sharp and pointy bit of Lego):  'Who has left all that Lego on the floor?'

Kids x 4:  'Wasn't me'

grrrrr, Mr Invisible!

Me (on an almost daily basis): 'Right, who did a big poo in the toilet and didn't flush?'

Kids x 4: 'Wasn't me'

ugggh, Mr Invisible you are gross!

Me (while cleaning up the boy's bedrooms): 'Who took a packet of biscuits up to their room and left a pile of half eaten biscuits AND the packet under their bed?'

Kids x 4: 'Wasn't me'

Mr Invisible you are a fat pig.

Me (upon walking into a nightmarish scene in the bathroom): 'OH MY GOD!  Who put a whole roll of toilet paper into the bath, squooshed it up into the consistency of paper mache and then threw it all over the walls and ceiling!!!!!!'

Kids x 4: 'Wasn't me'

Mr Invisible you have foiled me again!

I'm not sure what to do about Mr Invisible....perhaps I can set some kind of trap to catch him and get him out of my house.  It would be so much better if my place was Mr Invisible free.....although I suspect the kids would miss him.

Does Mr Invisible live at your place too?


  1. Why yes, he does! But he seems to only have moved in since having a baby boy! I think THAT is the connection!

    Ours does dastardly things like: stopping the washing machine, pushing all the shampoos and conditioners into the bath, opening the lint filter on the washing machine, rolling 2L bottles of softdrink out on to the deck and eating toilet rolls leaving drool and bits of half digested bits of cardboard around the place. He really is a pest that Mr Invisible!

    Fun post. Good to have a chuckle on a Monday. Mwah!

  2. Mr Invisible lives at my place too. He pees on the floor/walls when he is having a "bad aim day"!!

    Thanks for the monday giggle, first time I have been to your blog. I love the idea of a blog - must be very therapeutic for you too!

    XO Honor

  3. That's a great photo! My son is 16 so it's smooth sailing at my place. If he gets too out of line I just get the cat o' nine tails out. Actually, Mr Invisible is at our work because the kitchen is a complete disaster and funnily enough everyone I ask says they're tidy and have no idea who's causing the mess!

  4. Yes Eloise! Mr Invisible's brother and sister are my house too! Same things. Poo in toilet, gosh knows what in bath tub water, scribble on walls etc. If I ever catch him.... LOL

    Anne xx


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