Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday: If I was on holiday....

I would find this little house
in this little village
I would sleep in
or take a bath
in the morning I would sit in the garden
and write letters
 or take a walk
or in the orchard
perhaps I would read a book
 or take a drive
 to see the countryside
I'd go sailing at dusk
 or just catch butterflies

if I was on holiday.

for (Almost) Wordless Wednesday


  1. I was gonna say it looks dreamy :)

    Very cool post

  2. unfortunately, Im not on holiday lol so the dreams will have to do.

  3. Right, I'm packing my bags and coming on hypothetical holiday with you. See you in your dreams!

  4. woohoo Daisy! I would say I'll bring the chocolates but I don't want to tempt you lol

  5. Happy WW.
    Thanks for linking up your beautiful creative images. As if !


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