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PROM Movie Review and Giveaway!

Do you remember your high school prom?

I remember mine vividly....I was asked to our big high school dance by a boy who was 2 years older than me.  I couldn't believe it when he asked me - it was a big thing back then for a junior high girl to go with a senior high boy - and I had no idea he even knew I existed.  I felt like a queen!

Then, to add to the drama - and what Prom doesn't have its drama - my mother refused to let me go!  I was raised in a very strict religious family and school dances were a big no-no.  What to do???  So I did what any self respecting teenage girl with a mission on her mind does, I called my dad and asked to stay at his house for the weekend, haha!

My friend lent me a sky blue strapless dress - the first grown up dress I had ever worn - and my dad dropped me off at the local football club for the big night.  It was everything I thought it would be and I can still remember swaying on the dance floor with my date's arms around my waist (although for the life of me I can't remember what his last name was!) and then at the end of the night he bent down and kissed me *sigh*.  That was the one and only high school dance I ever went to but I will never forget it.

So, when Disney asked me to review their new movie "PROM", I could hardly wait!  I asked my teenage niece and nephew (aged 12 and 15) to watch the movie with me to get the real opinions of modern day teenagers (it being quite some time since I went to my prom!).

PROM is a family friendly story that captures all the anticipation, drama and fun of high school - especially in the lead up to Prom.
The story revolves around senior high school girl Nova Prescott (Aimee Teegarden) whose big dream of the perfect Prom seems to be falling in pieces around her.  To make matters worse, she gets stuck organising the Prom with the school's bad boy, Jesse Richter (who is played by the oh-my-goodness-so-good-looking Thomas McDonell).
But Nova's friends also have their dramas in the lead up to Prom and these stories are interwoven throughout the movie.  Steady relationships fail, new romances begin and nothing seems to be going as planned.

One of the most hilarious characters in the movie is that of Lloyd (played by Nicholas Braun) who is desperate to get a date for the Prom and comes up with some very inventive - but highly unsuccessful - ways to ask girls out.

You can watch clips from the movie and interviews with the cast about their real life PROM's right here.....

Soooooo, does Nova get the magic Prom night she's always dreamed of?  Does Lloyd end up with a date for the Prom?

Well you will just have to rush out and get the DVD to find out!

What was the verdict on the movie?

It was a lighthearted sweet movie aimed at the younger teen audience.  My 15 year old nephew thought the story line was a little predictable (what love story isn't!) but I notice he didn't drag himself away from the screen.  My 12 year old niece loved the film and spent the next two hours yabbering away about her dream Prom date and of course, her dream dress (although she still has a few years to think about that one).

My final thought on the movie.....the best bits were when Thomas McDonnel, playing Jesse, was on the screen.  Talk about a young Johnny Depp!  Mums, its worth watching the movie just for him :)

PROM is available on DVD from November 2nd as a 2 Disc Blu-Ray Value Pack (Blu-Ray plus DVD) for $49.95 or a 1 Disc DVD for $39.95.

The DVD includes bonus features such as a "Making Of Prom" featurette plus bloopers from the movie.  The 2 Disc Value Pack also includes an exclusive short - "Last Chance Lloyd" - which shows all the hilarious ways Lloyd asks girls to the Prom, plus 4 deleted scenes and 7 music videos which is great value.

But one lucky blog reader will have the chance to win a great PROM prize pack especially from Disney that includes -

  • The PROM 2 Disc Value Pack (Blu-Ray & DVD)
  • A PROM keychain
  • A PROM sticker set
  • A PROM notebook
  • and a PROM t-shirt

The PROM Prize Pack is valued at $97.95 and all you have to do to enter the competition is leave a comment about your magical or disastrous Prom night by midnight, Sunday November 20th.  The winner will be the entry that I think is the funniest, most romantic or most tragic Prom night ever!

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  1. I remember my senior dance like it was yesterday! Mum bought me a red dress, and I spend all day getting ready, singing The Cure’s Close To You in my head! I had a major crush on the school captain – he was dall, dark, handsome, popular, and waaaaaaay out of my league! The night finally arrived, and it was largely fun. It was drawing to a close, and there was formal dancing taking place. I was a really shy kid, but knew it was my last chance. I decided to “go for it”, and ask him to dance. When I finally found him, he was looking for…me! We shared one dance, and chatted, and I was on cloud nine for months after, and still have butterflies to this day thinking about that night!


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